World`s Top Coffee Producers to Hold Expo in Makassar

30 September 2021

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The International Coffee Day Exhibition (HKI) which is centered in Makassar City, South Sulawesi, will be joined by the world`s top 10 coffee-producing countries. The exhibition will be held from October 15 to 17, 2018.

Ahmadi Akil, chairman of the exhibition committee and Head of the Industry Office of South Sulawesi, said the countries that will join the expo are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Uganda, Guatemala, Peru and Mexico. Coffee businesses associations and other stakeholders of the commodity will also take part in the event.

The exhibition is expected to serve as a platform to promote the potential of Indonesian coffee; in a bid to grow competitiveness.

“Coffee exports can increase economic growth and improve the welfare of coffee farmers,” Ahmadi in Makassar, Thursday, August 30.

The International Coffee Day falls on October 1st. The event isn’t held until October 15 to have it coincide with the 349th anniversary of South Sulawesi.

“This is also to strengthen our preparation,” said Tautoto, the South Sulawesi Province’s secretary.

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