Formulir pendaftaran Juri ICE 2020 Bali

01 October 2021

This form is to gather information on judges applicant for Indonesia Coffee Events 2020 Bali. Applicants will need to follow specific instruction to fill in the form. 

After filling out the form, your application will be reviewed by a team of Judges Coordinator. If your application passes the review, you will be contacted to confirm the payment of certain fee in accordance to your choice, due to the certain time limit of the payment. If you fail to pay the fee before the time limit, the spot will be passed on to other candidates.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE EXPERIENCE IN JUDGING (specifically ILAC during ICE 2017-2019), please contact Sylvia Feransia for confirmation, you do not need to fill up this form nor pay the fee. THANK YOU.

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